Low Cost Industrial Quantities
From 5,000 to 5 Million Pieces
GAR Laboratories Does It!

GAR Labs is a custom private label cosmetic hair care and skin care manufacturer, low Cost 5000 pieces and up. Email info@GARLabs.com or call (951) 788-0700. We are an FDA registered contract manufacturer and filler that produces cosmetics, toiletries, as well as all health and beauty aids. We also have a full service R&D Laboratory with onsite chemists.

Quoting one of our customers, GAR Labs is “very easy to work with” and is “quite reasonably priced”.

We have a genuine willingness to share possible suppliers of components and we are above board regarding our cost of sales and its effects on final package. This sharing of information really helps start up product lines, and avoids costly pitfalls.


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GAR Labs is a mass-market manufacturer and has a minimum order of 5,000 pieces per product.
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Hair & Skin Care Products ONLY
(5,000 pc min….sorry, no make-up)