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What's new in Hair Care & Skin Care Products

Private Label Hair Care Manufacturing

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These days, the hair care industry is more fractured than ever. If you’re trying to bring a product to market, it often requires your product to change hands multiple... Read More

GAR Labs Energy Conservation During Extreme Summer Heat

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When the summertime demand for electricity rises in the afternoons, some Riverside businesses have agreed to shut off high-energy usage equipment or adjust work schedules to help avoid brownouts... Read More

Press Enterprise: GAR Labs Supports Riverside Small Business

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RIVERSIDE: Longtime varsity jacket specialist closing shop GAR Labs in Riverside. The company is a large commercial manufacturer of custom private label cosmetics, hair care and skin care products... Read More

GAR Labs Stands Out with Green Energy Initiative

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RIVERSIDE, CA — GAR Labs, a Riverside, California-based private label cosmetic contract packager, continues their pursuit of establishing a platform of long-term sustainability. Having this platform has positioned GAR... Read More

How Going Green is Right for the Planet and the Bottom Line

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California’s GAR Labs, under the leadership of Tom Raffy, has deservedly achieved high recognition for the quality of their products and business practices. GAR Labs strives to go beyond... Read More

New Product Development for Beauty Industry

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California-based GAR Labs specializes in formulating and manufacturing private label cosmetics and over-the-counter drugs.  Since 1982, GAR Labs has been providing top quality beauty industry manufacturing, packaging, and research... Read More

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