Why an FDA Registered Contract Manufacturer Matters

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When it comes time to choose a contract manufacturer when creating private label hair care products for your customers, one area that you always need to pay attention to is FDA registration. Remember that the Food and Drug Administration is more than just a regulatory body – it’s responsible for the safety of food, medical supplies, cosmetics and other types of products from coast to coast. It’s an important organization with a mission critical role for our society, which is part mission-critically FDA registration is absolutely essential to your success.

Why FDA Registration Matters

When you partner with an FDA registered contract manufacturer when creating hair products for your customers, you get a level of peace-of-mind that you just can’t put a price on. It means that any shampoo manufacturers that you use (with GAR Labs being just one example) are committed to not only the highest levels of quality, but also the safest possible practices in terms of design, research and development, manufacturing, packaging and procurement and so much more.

It’s also important to note that in terms of cosmetics, registration with the FDA is actually voluntary. So unless you specifically seek out a contract manufacturer that has gone out of their way to receive this designation, you can’t be sure that you’re getting ANY of these benefits at all.

The GAR Labs Approach

At GAR Labs, we’re incredibly proud of our position as not just an FDA registered contract manufacturer, but also as the west coast leader in industrial quantities of haircare and skincare products. We believe that the true benefit we offer goes far beyond amazing prices and an unparalleled attention-to-detail – we value qualities like transparency, integrity and safety above all else.

To find out more about why choosing an FDA registered contract manufacturer matters, or to get answers to any of your other essential questions, don’t delay – contact us today.