Private Label Skin Care Manufacturing

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As a leading private label skin care manufacturing company, GAR Laboratories is dedicated to one thing above all else: the satisfaction of our customers. We’ve got decades of experience in the world of skin care, helping clients do everything from formulate and manufacture new products to update the formulas of existing ones for better results.

The Benefits of Private Label Skin Care Manufacturing

Our process of developing a new product begins first with packaging, allowing us to develop the type of product that your consumers will always need and find value in. We will contact container companies, get a label for your container, choose a product name and more – all in an effort to make sure that the quality customer experience begins as soon as possible.

We will also sit down with you and talk in great detail about the exact product you’re trying to bring to market. We’ll help you pick the best color, fragrance, performance and more – all with an effort towards successfully achieving your goals. Should the need arise, we can also handle all warehousing and distribution needs over the long term.


At GAR, we believe that skin care manufacturing doesn’t need to be nearly as difficult as certain people seem to want to make it. By playing an active role in the conception, development and ultimate release of your product, we can make sure your vision is executed exactly the way you want it to, every time.

GAR Laboratories

Regardless of what your skin care manufacturing needs happen to be, GAR Laboratories has designed our business from the ground up to meet them each and every time. To find out more information about the major benefits that private label skin care manufacturing can bring to your organization, please don’t delay – contact GAR Laboratories today.