What Traditional Shampoo Manufacturers DON’T Want You to Know About Private Label

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The best hair care products are not created overnight – oftentimes they’re the product of extended periods of conceptualization, research, testing, re-testing and so much more, all before you can even think about the production process itself. This is why, at the beginning of the process, one of the most important decisions you will make involves whether to go the traditional route or to partner with a private label manufacturer. 

You may think the end result is largely the same, but you’d be wrong. In fact, there are a few key things about private label manufacturing that traditional shampoo manufacturers do NOT want you to know about.

Creating Hair Products is All About Control

The most important thing to understand the difference between traditional manufacturing and private label hair care products all comes down to a single word: control.

In a traditional manufacturing arrangement, the vast majority of control over the process and execution of your project rests with the manufacturers themselves. You have a vision, yes – but it’s one that you essentially hand off to someone else very early in the process. They’re the ones making decisions based on the product in question, which doesn’t necessarily align with the journey you thought you were taking in the first place.

With private label hair care products, on the other hand, total control is firmly within your grasp where it belongs. You can be as involved in all aspects of the process as you’d like, from design and conception to the eventual chemical makeup to packaging, shipping and so much more. Traditional shampoo manufacturing may be about creating a hair care product, but only private label lets you create YOUR product in YOUR way without so much as a single compromise along the way.

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