HOT Filled Products
10-Lane Pomade, Lip Balm & Deodorant Cooling Tunnel

When it comes to ‘Hot Filled Products’ GAR Labs now has a dedicated ‘Hot Filling ‘ department for hot filling Lip Balms, Stick Deodorants, Hair Pomades and Body Balms…(basically anything that needs to be melted and then slowly cooled), when it comes to cooling we did this in the best way by investing in a 10 Lane Serpentine Conveyor that lets the freshly hot filled product fully cool for over 20-30 minutes as it goes back and forth in the 10 lane cooling tunnel.

  • Pomade Manufacturer
  • Lip Balm Manufacturer
  • Deodorant Manufacturer

We found that hot filled products look and perform better when they are SLOWLY cooled over 20-30 minutes versus being surface-only cooled in 5 minutes, which can create a lot of ugly cracking and shrinking problems…PLUS…fully slow cooling a product stops trapped moisture issues that are caused by the product being capped while it is still warm deep inside…the residual trapped moisture nurtures bacteria…NOT Good…you will have none of these moisture and cracking issues with GAR Labs NEW 10-Lane Serpentine Conveyor Hot Fill Cooling Tunnel.